School Admissions

The Pembrokeshire County Council Admission Policy takes into account the following criteria in allocating a place at Narberth CP School

  • That pupils live within the catchment area of Narberth CP School
  • That they have siblings at the school

Any request from out of catchment must be made directly to the County Council as it is the admitting authority.  Early registration of your child at the school enables us to plan future year groups.

The closing date for application for places in the following school year is 30th April each year

Pupils are admitted to our nursery class during the term of their 4th birthday afternoons only.

Term starting dates are deemed to be 1st September, 1st  January and 1st  April. They receive a period of part-time education before transferring to full time education. Parents and pupils are invited to visit the school prior to admission in order that they can see the school at work and parents can have any questions answered.

Please click on link below for access to the online application;

Narberth CP School Catchment Area

Narberth CP School Catchment Area

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