Monitoring and Assessing
Monitro ac Asesu


Monitoring is an ongoing process at Narberth CP School. Teachers and staff continually monitor children progress in all areas of learning. Staff are able to discuss any concerns with the ALNCo and seek advice on any additional support the may require to achieve their educational potential.

Mae monitro yn broses barhaus yn Ysgol CP Arberth. Mae athrawon a staff yn monitro cynnydd plant yn barhaus ym mhob maes dysgu. Gall staff drafod unrhyw bryderon gyda'r ALNCo a cheisio cyngor ar unrhyw gymorth ychwanegol bydd angen ar y plentyn i gyflawni eu potensial addysgol.


The ALN team will complete a number of different assessments to track progress and impact of the interventions. All information on assessments will be fed back to parents/carers termly.

Bydd y tîm ADY yn cwblhau nifer o wahanol asesiadau i dracio cynnydd ac effaith yr ymyriadau. Bydd yr holl wybodaeth am asesiadau yn cael ei rhoi yn ôl i rieni / gofalwyr bob tymor.

How do we assess?

  • National Testing -
  • LASS (8 years - 11 years) - LASS pinpoints specific areas of need and is taken by pupils who have a high probability of dyslexia. It gives a more detailed indication of a pupil’s particular strengths and weaknesses that may impact reading.
  • COPS (4 years - 7 years) - CoPS pinpoints specific areas of need and gives a more detailed indication of a pupil’s particular strengths and weaknesses that may impact learning. It comprises nine short tests which cover working memory, phonological awareness, phonological processing, auditory discrimination and colour discrimination. 
  • DEST (4 years - 6 year) -
  • DEST-W (7 years - 11 years) -
  • Diagnostic Reading Assessment (DRA) - Provides a reading age along with fluency of reading, comprehension score, and processing speed.
  • Catch up Assessment/Dyfal Donc - Provides a reading age in comparison with their chronological age.
  • Fluency of Reading - TRUGS assessment provides us with how many words they can read per minute and a percentage of accurate reading.
  • Milestone Assessment Tool - Specific questions in relation to specific Mathematical concepts.
  • ELSA Assessment Tool
  • Talkabout Assessment -
  • Boxalls -
  • Teacher Recommendation -


Latest News

04/01/2021 - 29/01/2021

Distance learning for all pupils


Education Review by Welsh Government

06/01/2021 - 29/01/2021

School provision will run for key workers and vulnerable families only (these have been identified and contacted).