Croeso i ddosbarth Mrs Mathias!

Ein Dosbarth - Our Class:

Mixed class of Year 4/5 pupils 

Dosbarth cymysg o ddisgyblion blwyddyn 4/5 

Mrs Mathias – Athrawes dosbarth / class teacher 

Mrs Helen Davies - Athrawes Cynorthwyol / Class Assistant

Mrs Anne Davies –Athro dosbarth Dydd Gwener 

Ein thema / Our theme:


Language Literacy and Communication:

  • Focus on book Escape from Pompeii.
  • Write a newspaper front page report in the style of Roman times on the explosion of Mount Vesuvius.
  • Oracy task - Use Green screen to record a live news report from the scene in Pompeii as the volcano is erupting.
  • Short burst writing  - Poem – Volcanoes.
  • Relate Latin words and English words that are used today

Mathematics and Numeracy:

  • Use Roman numerals in coding tasks.
  • Transfer Roman numbers to numbers on Match Attax cards. Value of players in Roman times.
  • Use scale to recreate Hadrians Wall on school yard – 2m = 1km
  • A mile castle every 3 m
  • A turret every 1 m
  • A fort every 6 m

Science and Technology:

  • Create a catapult – own designs in groups
  • STEM Science -
  • Follow instructions to carry out an investigation.
  • Which catapult can throw the marshmallow furthest?
  • Create a Roman road  using stones, cement, sand or gravel.


  • When did the Roman Empire begin?
  • How did it evolve?
  • Roman timeline and it’s period in British history. When did the Romans arrive in Wales?
  • Where did they settle?
  • Trip to the Roman Legion Museum
  • Roman inventions.
  • Roman Gods and their relevance to daily life in Roman time.
  • The Colosseum and gladiators
  • Roman soldiers and their weapons

Health and Well-being:

  • Compare foods and diet of Roman times and today.
  • BBC Bitesize How did the Romans keep clean?
  • Compare Roman and modern standards of cleaning and hygiene.
  • Cook Roman bread by following recipe and instructions.

Expressive Arts:

  • Mosaic art – Study Roman mosaics and design then create a mosaic piece using tiles and grout.
  • Sketch a Roman God.
  • Study why the Romans worshipped so many different gods.

Gwaith Cartref / Homework:

Caiff gwaith cartref ei osod ar ddydd Mercherun tasg mathemateg ac un tasg iaith – a gofynnir iddo ddychwelyd dydd Llun. 

Homework is given on a Wednesday – one maths and one language task – and is then due back in the following Monday. 

Darllen / Reading :

Anogwch eich plentyn i ddarllen pob nos os gwelwch yn dda ac i ddod a llyfrau darllen i ysgol pob dydd. 

Please encourage your child to read every night and to bring books to school every day. 

Addysg Gorfforol / Physical Education:

Bydd gwersi ymarfer corff ar brynhawn dydd Iau - sesiwn Sgiliau. 
P.E. sessions will be on Thursday afternoons - Sgiliau session.

Bore dydd Iau - gwersi nofio Blwyddyn 4. COFIWCH cit nofio, het nofio a thywel

Thursday morning - swimming lessons Year 4. REMEMBER swimming kit, hat and towel.


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