Dosbarth Year 4 & Year 5 (Mrs Mathias)

This half term our topic is ‘Leisure and Tourism’ an outline of what your child will be covering in class over the next 6 weeks is shown below.


  • Place value in numbers to 1 million and decimal numbers, comparing and ordering numbers, multiplication tables, double and halving, written methods of multiplying and problem solving.


  • Discussion writing (newspaper report), book review (BFG), diary writing, reciprocal reading


  • Leisure and tourism (how they have changed over the 21st century, national parks of Wales and the structure of bridges)


  • Natural materials found across Europe


  • Swimming and Journeying (planning and taking a walking trip/hike)


  • Sikhism (symbols, foods, clothes, festivals and special books)


  • Going for goals and qualities we admire

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