Tric a Chlic Books

Peniarth have released access to the Tric a Chlic books. Here is the message and link below.

"To try to help schools and parents during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, Peniarth are making the entire series of Tric a Chlic books free to access for the lockdown's duration. Register an account to start reading! If you've used this site to redeem an English-Medium Tric a Chlic code in the past, you'll be able to access the books using the same account as has been created for that purpose."

Pecyn Melyn

Y Car

Pecyn Gwyrdd

Len y Lindys
Bili a Bob y Broagaod
Ned, Peg a Mali
Y Cap

Pecyn Pinc

Ben y Ci
Poppy a Penny
Tomi y Mwnci
Y Teigr Mawr Glas